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JP-S548596-A: Paper leaves detector patent, JP-S55108964-A: Magnetic disc device patent, JP-S55111264-A: Device for disposing paper in ink jet printer patent, JP-S55123580-A: Frame of twoowheel barrow patent, JP-S55139138-A: Forming method for lining on mold patent, JP-S5540295-A: Floating structure for obtaining energy from sea water patent, JP-S5556202-A: Controller with incorporated microcomputer patent, JP-S5561905-A: Regeneration of porous filter body patent, JP-S5562775-A: Field-effect transistor patent, JP-S5596368-A: Spark-ignited internal combustion engine patent, JP-S5599987-A: Method of preventing transparent article from fogging patent, JP-S56106817-A: Press molding method for thermoplastic resin sheet patent, JP-S56160182-A: Processor of digital video signal patent, JP-S56160296-A: Marine propeller lifting device patent, JP-S5630340-A: Digital signal transmitting method patent, JP-S5635743-A: Aluminum bearing alloy patent, JP-S565094-A: Production of cholesterine oxidase patent, JP-S5673600-A: Preventing method of scale in water patent, JP-S57159645-A: Conductive laminate patent, JP-S5717107-A: Variable resistor patent, JP-S57174143-A: Catalyst for denitration patent, JP-S57181570-A: Recorder patent, JP-S57192221-A: Precise heat-treatment of thin hollow cylindrical body, apparatus therefor, and precisely heat-treated thin hollow cylindrical body obtained thereby patent, JP-S57195366-A: Rotation controller for recording disk patent, JP-S5734973-A: Multichannel-type ink jet recording head patent, JP-S575380-A: Output light coupling system for semiconductor laser patent, JP-S5773002-A: Manufacture of bead polymer patent, JP-S5787815-A: Method and device for dry taype waste gas desulfurization patent, JP-S5799954-A: Vagina ring patent, JP-S58147150-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-S58154293-A: Method of stabilizing size of green sheet patent, JP-S58167291-A: Swelling type life raft patent, JP-S58178428-A: Data processor patent, JP-S58222438-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, JP-S58224714-A: Manufacture of light bubble concrete large-sized block patent, JP-S5829237-A: Error correcting method patent, JP-S58358-A: Production of thin amorphous alloy strip of superior soft magnetic characteristic and less fluctuation in characteristic patent, JP-S5838686-A: Portable friction welding machine patent, JP-S58501903-A: patent, JP-S58502034-A: patent, JP-S586861-A: Hoop member coiling unit patent, JP-S5884994-A: Electrolytic coloring method for aluminum or its alloy patent, JP-S5888080-A: Apparatus for sorting paper patent, JP-S59150633-A: Stacking method of fin for heat exchanger patent, JP-S59152897-A: Planographic printing original plate patent, JP-S59157068-A: Quinolonecarboxylic acids patent, JP-S59166447-A: Method of numerically controlling machining of right-to-left symmetric workpiece patent, JP-S59167100-A: Ic inserting pawl patent, JP-S59172935-A: Generating system utilizing natural energy patent, JP-S59182074-A: Remote inspection device patent, JP-S59184948-A: Microcomputer of variable structure patent, JP-S59197500-A: Wet dewaxing process for rawhide, grained pelt, pelt and wetblue patent, JP-S5940595-A: Method of producing circuit board patent, JP-S594473-A: Painting and finishing method of cement base material patent, JP-S5952236-A: Preparation of photosensitive silver halide patent, JP-S5952614-A: Production of ivory-like keyboard material patent, JP-S5958753-A: Incandescent bulb patent, JP-S5963611-A: Electrically insulating material made of biaxially oriented polypropylene with high insulating breakdown voltage patent, JP-S5973491-A: Preparation of semiconductor single crystal patent, JP-S5993927-A: Display signal device for fuel consumption for automobile patent, JP-S60112853-A: Production of polyamide composition patent, JP-S60130478-A: Automatic horizontal welding of aluminum alloy patent, JP-S60148676-A: Speed control device of welding wire patent, JP-S60152436-A: Unsaturated derivatives of camphor, manufacture and medicine patent, JP-S60155065-A: Seal device of rotary shaft utilizing magnetic fluid patent, JP-S60158792-A: Recorder of color image signal and sound signal patent, JP-S6016193-A: Controller of two reversible rotary step motor patent, JP-S60183925-A: Current detector patent, JP-S60204690-A: Slow release fertilizer composition patent, JP-S60212238-A: Regeneration of ammonia catalytic reducing and denitration catalyst patent, JP-S60215437-A: Automatic speed change gear patent, JP-S60220108-A: Washing method of ultrafiltration membrane patent, JP-S60241981-A: Compression caking and molding device for waste material patent, JP-S60251313-A: Pulverized coal burner patent, JP-S60258496-A: Continuous electroplating device patent, JP-S6032684-A: Paper feed apparatus patent, JP-S6045086-A: Semiconductor laser and manufacture thereof patent, JP-S6060303-A: Spool valve patent, JP-S6063039-A: Skin moisture measuring apparatus patent, JP-S6070603-A: Illuminator patent, JP-S6079054-A: Acrylic resin composition patent, JP-S6084514-A: Helicoid device of lens barrel patent, JP-S6089937-A: Integrated circuit device patent, JP-S61108312-A: Metal lath for protecting tree patent, JP-S61111268-A: Sheeting device patent, JP-S61111911-A: Synthetic calcium silicate, preparation and use patent, JP-S61121237-A: Testing for panel construction of color cathode tube patent, JP-S61130169-A: Sheet processing device patent, JP-S61131971-A: Color copying machine patent, JP-S61174872-A: Communicating equipment patent, JP-S61175637-A: Heat-developable color photosensitive material patent, JP-S61179873-A: Corrosion resistant coating method by tantalum pentoxide patent, JP-S61190862-A: Whole carbon component for fuel cell and its manufacture patent, JP-S6119879-A: Fiber for reinforcing plastic composite material and fiber reinforced plastic composite material patent, JP-S61221052-A: Image formation apparatus patent, JP-S61235164-A: Thermal recording head patent, JP-S61245706-A: Crystal over-tone oscillation circuit patent, JP-S6126405-A: Controlling method of dc shunt field motor for vehicle patent, JP-S61278298-A: Ultrasonic probe and its manufacture patent, JP-S6128660-A: House ridge ventilation apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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